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August 22, 2008

So my current project at work went live Wednesday Aug 20th around 9am.  It was supposed to be 7am, but I’m just happy we made it on the same day!

I’ve pulled three 80 hour weeks to get it into production.  On Monday Aug 18th I worked from 9:30am to 4:15am on Tuesday.  I got up at 8am on Tuesday the 19th and worked from 9am until 5:30am Wednesday Aug 20th.  I had 1 hour of sleep, got up at 6:45am to fix some critical bugs, launched at 9am, then got an hour of sleep from 10am to 11am.  I worked the rest of the day fixing bugs.

I’ve never had to do anything like that before.  Although I like to test my limits, I hope never to have to do that again.

To all my friends, I’m sorry I’ve been off the grid for so long!  I have one more project to do that launches September 15th.  It won’t be as crazy as the one I just did.  It better not be 😉

I wanted to thank one friend in particlar for pulling me through the tough times.  I wanted to throw my hands up and quit many times, but your pep talks and 5 minute breaks got me through!  You know who you are and I owe you big!

Back to sleeping 8 hour nights!  See you all soon 🙂


Hello, My Name is MORON

June 9, 2008

Picture this:  Guy is going to meet up with friends after work for drinks and dinner.  Guy is going there straight from work, so he decides to take his laptop along because he needs it the next day.  More friends show up than planned, so table gets full and guy puts his laptop under the table to make more room.  Table is outside, and it gets really friggin’ cold.  Everyone pays as fast as possible and gets the hell outta there.  Guy wakes up the next morning and lays in bed going though his mental checklist of things he needs to bring out to his cabin for the weekend.

#1 laptop, #2 ipod car adapter…

SHIT!!!  Where the hell is the laptop!?!?  Guy runs around small appartment like a mad man and realizes very quickly it’s still under the table, outside, at the restaurant!  Guy hops on the net to find the restaurant number and see if there open.  Hoping, praying, and freaking out, guy phones and someone picks up.  Guy asks if a laptop bag was found…waiting…dying…holly crap, it’s there!!

Guy gets his ass over to the restaurant, picks up the laptop bag, which still has all his possessions in it, and gives the cute girl that helped him all the cash he had in his wallet as a thank you for saving his life.

Yes, my name is Moron.  Of all the things I could loose, my laptop is definitely the worst.  While I was freaking out, I made a small list of all the ways I’d be totally F’d if I lost my laptop.   It wasn’t a pleasant list.

So, first off I’d like to thank Subeez Restaurant for their awesome wait staff.  Not only are they super cute, but they saved my life.  Also, if I’m late for dinner, it’s cause I’m taking my laptop back home first 😉

God I’m a dumb ass…