RAM it

I’ve got a 15″ macbook pro.  It’s got 2gb of RAM which does not cut it a lot of the time when I’m at work.  About a month ago I went in the Apple store in Pacific Center and asked how much it would cost for an upgrade to 4gb of RAM.  They said $200.  I thought that was a reasonable price at the time as I was busy and didn’t want to worry about anything.  I just wanted it done.  I went back a couple days ago to undergo the surgery.  They guy came out with the RAM and said it would cost $400.  I said WTF?  He said “well, it’s a $200 upgrade for new laptop purchases”.  I said screw you.  I then went to futureshop, picked up 2x2gb for a total of $70 and had it installed with no issues in about 6 minutes (it took me 5 minutes to find my small philips scewdriver).

Apple: You make cool shit, but why you trying to screw me?  You charge almost 6 times the price of the RAM.  Even if you charged $100 for the 2 minutes of labour, you’re still overcharging by about $230.

Yay to a fast laptop again 🙂

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One Comment on “RAM it”

  1. Graham Says:

    I see you are as active at blogging as I am… NOT

    Wassup yo!

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